FOCUS Qigong Self Care Integration (6 Weeks) NOV 15 – DEC 20, 2022, 7:00 – 8:00 PM


You will learn short Qigong routines that can be assembled into a daily self-care practice.


Moving Meditation – Vibrational Healing

The inner light of wisdom always shines!

The potential to heal ourselves is always present.

“Qigong helps to clear the decay that obscures our natural capacity to heal so that we can blossom into the full expression of our being.” Kathryn


You will learn a series of short Qigong routines that can, over time, be assembled into a daily self-care practice.

This training provides a deeper dive into the organizing principles of each practice, so that you will understand the underlying purpose and potential of each routine.

You will get access to the video and any written material used in the session you attend.

The specific routines offered in any given series will be organized around your specific needs.

Some of the potential subjects covered in the course of training are:

Routines to: Cleanse your body of toxins and improve function of the lymph system; Combat fatigue and provide more vital energy; Regulate circulation and hormone function; Improve the quality of sleep, digestion and elimination; Calm the Mind and Awaken the Spirit; Reduce negative thought patterns and improve mental focus. etc.

Completion of one 6-week Qigong Self Care Training will provide you the prerequisite to enter the Qigong Self Care Trainer Certificate Program.

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