FOCUS Qigong Self Care Integration (WED Mornings – 6 Weeks) NOV 16 – DEC 21, 2022, 7:00 or 8:00 AM


You will learn short Qigong routines that can be assembled into a daily self-care practice.


Ease into your day!

With a casual, power hour of Qigong Self Care Practices

of Moving Meditation and Vibrational Self Healing


One hour session 7:00 – 8:00 AM

Take care of yourself before going out to work or embarking on your day’s tasks.

Some of the potential subjects covered during the course of this program:

Routines to: Cleanse you body of toxins and improve function of the lymph system; combat fatigue and provide more vital energy; regulate circulation and hormone function. Improve the quality of sleep, digestion and elimination; Calm the mind and Awaken the Spirit; Reduce negative thought patterns and improve mental focus.

Just relax and follow your guide through gentle breath practices, sitting meditation and gentle movements, that will relax you and eliminate residual stress and energize your system. Allowing you to start your day with full cylinders on… fresh and strong.

This program can serve as a compliment to the training series, or stand on it’s own as a weekly pick-me-up self-care practice that can dissolve the build up pressures, anxieties, aches and pains.

Through the regular guidance of this series, a self-directed, self-care practice can emerge.

The morning practice provides an experience that allows you to pace your learning according to what works best for your needs, so that you can gently build your own self-care routine.

You will have access to the practice video and any written material with descriptions for the session to which you have registered.

The chosen routines offered in any given series will be organized around your specific needs.


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