Dao Qigong Life

... A Way of Being!

Dao Qigong Life provides the tools, concepts and practices that assist in the cultivation of a rich inner life, with peace of mind, an awakened heart, and a vibrant energetic physically healthy body… better able to heal, relate to others, create and build with confidence and compassion. Navigating the man-made matrix, as an integrated expression of mind, body, spirit, energy and soul.

QIGONG Self-Care

The Qigong forms and remedy routines taught in this program are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine: Medical Qigong, Taoist, Shaolin and Buddhist Practices

The principles of Taoism are relatable to the consciousness of many ancient and historical belief systems, with cosmogonies that incorporate a deep understanding of natural law and universal order. This is why Qigong training can be approached from any preceding belief system or knowledge base. The underlying symmetries are self evident.

Emerging from Shamanic practices, into healing practices, into the science and art of TCM, evolved by a history of comprehensive exploration of breath, energy, elements, substance and either… Drawing insights from the plants to the earth and stars and from humans and animals to their habitat, customs and communal systems. Learning of the cost of deviation from universal order, while mapping out the principles of harmonic adherence to cosmic/natural law.

Modern scientific studies have confirmed the efficacy of, the use of these, principals and practices, during this, our modern era. Which one might say in the Taoist tradition… is a very auspicious circumstance. That at a time when technology, mental & physical health issues, poverty, pollution, poisons, viral and bacterial challenges are present in our environment, we can pull forth the ancient human technology, that allowed peoples to flourish for hundreds of thousands of years.

Qigong Self-Care training is, at its root, a process for igniting our own spark. So that, the act of teaching, sharing, caring, building, creating, etc., becomes the practice.

One could say: Teaching Qigong. Sharing Qigong, Caring Qigong or Self-Healing Qigong. This way of perceiving Qigong forms and principles, practiced in accordance with our innate talents, calling, purpose and needs, provides a holistic path to the desired outcome. With reliance on the teaching systems of Qigong, which have demonstrated themselves to be effective over time.

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Kung Li ShengMethod

Qigong path to healing and self-transformation.

Energy is a vehicle for infusing our 3D existence with higher dimensional vibrations. Allowing us to bring the Muse of Spirit to Life!

Kun Li Sheng™ Qigong

This form was created by Kathryn Davis. It emerged through insights gained in deep meditation and with divine guidance.

The purpose of this form is to activate the power of nine, for completion and integration of the physical, mindful and spiritual properties of being. And collectively to foster global compassion and peace through the beacon of our individual light and actions. There are nine routines, or processes that make up the complete form. They can be done individually or in combination with each other.

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