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Kung Li Sheng Method

Qigong path to healing and self-transformation.

Energy is a vehicle for infusing our 3D existence with higher dimensional vibrations. Allowing us to bring the Muse of Spirit to Life!

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Kun Li Sheng™ Qigong

This form was created by Kathryn Davis. It emerged through insights gained in deep meditation and with divine guidance.

The purpose of this form is to activate the power of nine, for completion and integration of the physical, mindful and spiritual properties of being. And collectively to foster global compassion and peace through the beacon of our individual light and actions. There are nine routines, or processes that make up the complete form. They can be done individually or in combination with each other.

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Chubby Fingers

Weight has been an issue in my life since puberty, all those years ago. Unhealthy habits and stress compounded the issue. Catapulting me into years

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Spiritual Light

AFFIRMATION This is an actual  photograph of a phenomena I witnessed in the morning sky. I’ve had quite a few of these kind of occurrences

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Healing the Heart

NEW Video featuring Summer Heart – Qigong Healing Sound & Healing the Heart with Jade Body Qigong (Washing the Buddha)

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