Dao Qigong Life

The QIGONG ‘Self Care’ Program… A Healthy Living Method


The emphasis is on SELF CARE!


This program is the culmination of 30 years of experience working with people in all walks of life. Including through Community Centers, Hospital Centers, Veterans Administration, Churches and in private practice. What I’ve learned is that most people just want to feel better, be pain free and to reduce their stress levels.
Qigong practice was designed for this and it is up to the job of accomplishing remarkable results.
The Qigong forms and remedy routines taught in this program are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. They include very ancient practices. With influences from Taoist Longevity, Shaolin Strength Building and Buddhist Mindfulness practices. And incorporate Meditation, Breath Practices and Gentle Movement to help us stabillize, heal and ultimately flourish on the levels of Mind, Body and Spirit.

An ongoing year-round online program

Offered in six-week modules with one FREE Intro/review session placed between.

Take one module or take them all. Each one presents an opportunity to improve your state of being, just by participating in the process. Over time you can develop a very personalized routine for daily practice. And accumulate a repertoire of Qigong remedies that will continue to serve you for a lifetime.
You may also choose to drop-in according to your schedule by registering for a [One-at-a-time] Qigong session – Each class session being complete within itself. And you can register for any of our single sessions or modules and recieive the video replay rather than take the live class

What’s Included?

In some measure the practices chosen are in response to the immediate needs of the participants. There is a basic selection of routines that benefit overall health, that are reinforced throughout the program. This to provide sufficient practice time and to deepen the positive impact they can have. Each module offers unique routines that energize and build Qi… Or work to improve specific health conditions. Some fun playful practices are included to lift the spirit and connect with the deeper self.
Everyone receives the manual “Qigong Primer” which provides instruction of the routines, should you wish to continue and practice at home.                          And you will have access to a replay of the class session for review.

A list of some of the practices and routines covered throughout the program.

Tonification Stance (Soaring Crane Remedy Routine); Wuji Breath Practice; She She Hu Breath; Quiescent Cultivation Exercise; Lymphasizing Lifts; Lymph Tapping; Gathering Qi into the Lower Dantian; Health Preserving Qigong (Acupoint Massage); Bone Marrow Cleanse (Shaolin Practice); Health Maintenance Lung Qigong; Liver Cleanse (Soaring Crane Qigong); Routine Three: Flexibility Routine (Soaring Crane Qigong); Relaxing the Body and Calming the Mind Technique; Walking Qigong; Washing the Buddha (Jade Body Qigong); Five Element Palm(Taoist Practice); Turtle Longevity Qigong (Taoist Practice);